Image Field Type

Image Field Type

Image Field Type provides Fillable Document with a capability of uploading and attaching images to the form and generated documents

Setup Image in Field list

  • Click Create New Field to create new field.

  • Mention the required field name.

  • Select the type as Image.

  • Switch on mandatory if the field needs to be made as mandatory.

  • Mention the description as required.

  • Select the required width as required(default width is 100).

  • Select the required height as required(default width is 100).

  • Switch on Custom CSS if required.

  • QR code is not supported for image.

The images that are uploaded will be uploaded to the FD Asset Folder in Google Drive.

  • Click the folder icon to open the folder.

  • Click on Insert field in Document icon to insert the particular field into the document.

  • Click Save to Save the field.

  • Click the Back to field list to go back.

How does it look in Form?

The live form looks like the following.

  • Click the image field so that the following screen appears.

  • Click Choose File to choose a file.

  • Click Choose From Drive to choose a file from drive.

  • The uploaded image file will look like the following in form.

How does it appear in Generated Documents?

The generated output document looks like the following.