Image Field Type

Image Field Type

Image Field Type provides Fillable Document with the capability of uploading and attaching images to the form and generated documents

Setup Image in Field list

  • Click Create New Field to create a new field.

  • Mention the required field name.

  • Select the type as Image.

  • Switch on mandatory if the field needs to be made mandatory.

  • Mention the description as required.

  • Select the required width as required(default width is 100).

  • Select the required height as required(default width is 100).

  • Switch on Custom CSS if required.

  • QR code is not supported for images.

The images that are uploaded will be uploaded to the FD Asset Folder in Google Drive.

  • Click the folder icon to open the folder.

  • Click on the Insert field in Document icon to insert the particular field into the document.

  • Click Save to save the field.

  • Click the Back to field list to go back.

How does it look in Form?

The live form looks like the following.

Note: Now users can copy & paste the clipboard images directly to the image field in fillable form through Ctrl + V macro.

  • Click the image field so that the following screen appears.

  • Click Choose File to choose a file.

  • Click Choose From Drive to choose a file from drive.

  • The uploaded image file will look like the following in form.

How does it appear in Generated Documents?

The generated output document looks like the following.