Document Template

What is Document Template?

 Document template refers to a sample file in the blank document that can help in saving time. It contains a pre-defined formatting style, graphics, tables, objects, and other information. 

How it works in Fillable Document?

Fillable Document uses Google Docs as a template for building online Fillable Forms and hence users can visually prepare the form with any of their documents as a template

How to build the template

Types of templates supported in Fillable Document

Fillable Document supports two types of Google templates

How to setup Document Template in Fillable Document?

Google Docs templates

Google Slide templates

Note: Fillable Document supports Google Slide templates also.

Google Sheets templates

Note: Now Fillable Document supports Google Sheets templates also.

Support several formats:

The currently supported formats are

How does it look in the Form?

How the output document look like?