Document Template

What is Document Template?

Fillable Document uses the Google Docs as template for building online Fillable Forms and hence users can visually prepare the form with any of their document as template

How to build the template

  • The first step is to create a template document.

  • Prepare a document with dynamic fields.

  • Dynamic fields will be indicated by ${field} format. For Example: ${Company}.

How to setup Document Template in Fillable Document?

  • Open Fillable Document add-on

  • Click on Side Menu

  • Click on Document Templates

  • Your active document will be set as primary document template.

  • Click on + icon to add more document templates.

  • Choose the document template from Google Picker

Note: Now Fillable Document supports Google Slide templates also.

  • Open the left side nav.

  • Click on "+" icon and select the required Google Slide template.

How does it look in the Form?

  • You can see your templates in the tabular form in the web form

  • You can navigate between templates by click on the tabs.

How the output document look like?

  • After filling the form you can see the outputs generated for each document templates separately.