Fillable Document for Sheets

How to setup Fillable Docuement for Sheets

Welcome Page

  • Click on "Add-ons" Menu > Fillable Document for Sheets > Start Setup

Try demo samples to understand the workflow


Start setting up fillable document for Sheets directly

Setting up the configuration

Fillable Document for Sheets can be setup by 3 easy steps

1. Set up document and fields with mapping

2. Setup destination folder

3. Setup Email template.

1. Setup document and fields with mapping

  • Click Choose Fillable Template to attach the required document.

  • Click the icon to view the selected templated document.

  • Choose the input data set Sheet Tab

  • Map the Doc fields to the corresponding sheet columns as required.

  • Click Next to setup the destination folder.

2. Setup Destination Folder

Configure the drive folder to store the generated documents.

You can create new folder or select existing one from drive.

Generate PDF :

If you want to store the form as PDF file you can click on the button "Publish PDF also"

Document Name :

You can name your document based on a field value by clicking on the rightmost button next to the text file by clicking on it you can insert multiple values of fields as the form name If you want to differentiate each form by the name of the applicant you can insert the name field so the name of the applicant will be saved as the output spreadsheet or PDF name

Note: The Asset folder is created automatically by Fillable Document to store your external file like images, docs etc..

3. Setup Email Template

If you want to send the data as email click on "Send Email" button

If you want to attach PDF with the email you can select "Attach PDF" button

Click on "Edit Email Template " to edit the email to be send. This will be explained Briefly below

  • Click Done

  • The configuration section will show you the document template and the input Sheet Tab.

  • Generate Document should be switched on to generate the documents.

  • Switch on/off Send Email to send Email if required.

  • Click the settings icon to change the document template and input Sheet Tab if required.

  • The Total Generated shows the progress of the document generation.

  • Click Generate to start generating links for the Document and PDF files and newly generated links(doc and PDF links) will be appended to the corresponding rows of the sheet.

  • Click the folder icon to open the folder where all the generated documents are saved.

  • Click View Delivered Email(s) to view the send Emails.

Setting up fillable fields

  • Now You get the screen as shown to do the following

    • You can see list of fields and create new fields.

    • You can open live fillable form by clicking on one of the "Open Web Form" section.

    • You can select the templates or you can use your own document as template for the form.

    • Fill the document template from side bar.

  • Click on "Create new Field" to create a new field

  • Once you click on create new field you have to fill out the following fields

  • Field name : Name of the Field

  • Type: Select the type of the field from the drop down several types including date, text, number etc

  • You have to choose it is mandatory to fill out the field in the form by clicking on the required button

  • Description:You can write a few lines about the field

  • Click on Include button to include the field in the document

  • Click on save to save the field

  • click to back to field list to abort the process


  • Once you save a field the field will be created and the field name will be displayed in the field list

  • You can create any number of field by following the above procedure

  • click on the first button right next to the field name to add the field in the document

  • click on the second button right next to the field name to remove the field.


  • You can see Preview of your form by clicking OPEN FORM (Second Tab, Document Icon).

  • If you want to Open it as a Web App , You can Click on the "OPEN FORM AS WEB APP" button. This will open the form in a new web page.

Setting up Email Template

Clicking on edit email template will lead you to the following screen

You can provide the From name and To mail id

Select Attach Doc or Attach PDF as required

Congratulations. Now you are done with setup.