Demo 9 - Party Invite


How to automate this process with Fillable Slide

Step 1: Prepare a birthday party invitation card

Note: Click on Make a copy to get your own copy of the template and modify as per your need 

Step 2: Configuring Setup


Step 3: Configure the Dynamic Fields

Step 4: Publish Document

Step 5: Guest submitting data in the Form

Step 6: Submitted Data stored in Google Sheet instantaneously.

Note: If you have submitted the form in the previous step, you should see your submitted data here.

If you are not able to see the data you have added, then please refresh the page and try

Party invite_config

Step 7: Deliver documents

Step 8: View Form Responses

To see the submitted records, the Party planner needs to follow the following steps below.

5. Click on "Generate" to generate the merged slide.

Below is a sample generated slide and screenshot for email delivery.

The Party planner can generate multiple slides based on records needed. (have a look

Sample Generated Slide

The Party planner can send generated document as Email by clicking on "Send as Email".

Hope you enjoyed the demo and now you can use it in practice in your education.