Document Studio Alternative

Looking for Document Studio Alternates?

If you are looking for an alternative for Document studio that has more features than Document studio and is also cost-effective then,

Fillable Document is the best alternative to Document studio. Fillable Document does a similar job as Document studio plus many more additional features than Document studio with a simple & easy use GUI.

What is Document Studio?

Document Studio is a Google workspace add-on that Automatically creates documents with merge data in Google Sheets and Google Forms submissions.

What is Fillable Document?

Fillable Document is an add-on application for Google Workspace that makes Google docs, slides, and sheets as live fillable forms on the web.

Why does Fillable Document stands above Document studio?

Now we will compare the features of Document studio and Fillable Document then you will come to know that Fillable Document is the best alternative for Document studio.


Fillable Document

Document studio

Generate documents on form submission

Customized Templates

Personalized email notifications

Generate documents from spreadsheet

Supports QR code

Publish Form as anonymous

Lookup Field type

Accept Payments

Custom Branding

Support Sheet Formulas

Response Manager

Variety of pricing plan

Fillable Document has multiple pricing plans (Lite, Pro, Premium, Group) and frequency (monthly & yearly). So user has the choice to select the required plan for their situation.