Business Scenario:

  • A Business manager wants to create invoices for his/her customers.

  • The Manager wants the staff reporting to him/her to submit the invoice data.

  • Then the Business Manager will review the data, generate invoices and deliver it to customers through email

  • Or the Business Manager may want to automatically generate invoices and deliver to customers through email when their staff submit data

How to automate this process with Fillable Document

  1. Prepare invoice template

  2. Configuring Setup

  3. Configure the Dynamic Fields

  4. Publish Document

  5. The Staff submitting data in the Form

  6. Submitted Data stored in Google Sheet instantaneously

  7. Deliver documents to customers

  8. View Form Responses

Step 1: Prepare the Invoice Template

  • The business manager first prepares an invoice template in Google Document.

  • He can add dynamic fields in ${field} format

Note: Click on Make a copy to get your own copy of the template and modify as per your need

Step 2: Configuring Setup

  • Click on Add-ons>> Fillable Document>> Start.

  • Click on Start setup to set up the document.

  • Click on Automatic Setup to set up the document automatically.

  • Click Manual Setup to set up the document automatically.


  • If Automatic Setup is selected a destination spreadsheet & a destination folder will be created automatically for saving the data.

  • If Manual Setup is selected you need to configure the destination folder & destination spreadsheet manually.

Step 3: Configure the Dynamic Fields

  • Open Fillable Document on the prepared Google Document Template.

  • Dynamic fields found in the template will be automatically identified by Fillable Document.

  • By default, the field types are text.

  • Configure different types (name, grade, mark, etc) and other configurations as required.

For example we have configured

  • Submitted on as field type Date with time zone & formatting settings

  • Total as field type Calculated

Step 4: Publish Document

  • The Business Manager can make the Form available to all of his staff by publishing the form

  • The Business Manager will publish the template to his staff by clicking Publish Form

  • If you don't want to keep track of user activity switch off Always ask Google Login before publishing

  • The Business Manager will generate the invite link and for all invite staff by mail.

Step 5: Staff submitting data in the Form

  • Staff will receive the mail sent by Business Manager click the invited link and they can see the following screen

  • Note: Visitors of this Demo can also try submitting data (playing role of staff) to get a feel. The submitted data will appear in the spreadsheet in the next section.

Step 6: Submitted Data stored in Google Sheet instantaneously.

  • Business Manager can see the submitted data in the Google sheet immediately.

Note: If you have submitted the form in previous step, you should see your submitted data here.

If you are not able to see the data you have added, then please refresh the page and try

Fillable Doc Test - destination spreadsheet

Note: If the form is published with auto generation of Document/ PDF and Send Email, then those processes will be initiated upon form submission automatically. (it may take upto an hour to complete)

Step 7: Deliver documents to customers.

  • Customize the Email Template as required.

  • So once a document has submitted an email with the generated PDF will be attached to the email and sent to the student.

Step 8: View Form Responses

To see the submitted records, the Manager needs to follow the following steps below.

  1. Open the "Fillable Document" add-on from the Google Document.

  2. Click on "Open Web Form"

  3. Click on the "Form Responses" icon on the toolbar.

  4. Click on a record to select for generating the document.

5. Click on "Generate" to generate the merged document

Below is a sample generated document and screenshot for email delivery.

The Manager can generate multiple documents based on records needed. (have a look)

Sample Generated Document

The Business Manager can send generated document as Email by clicking on "Send as Email"

Hope you enjoyed the demo and now you can use it in practice in your business.