QR Code

QR Code

This enables Forms to collect data from users and converts it into QR codes

Setup QR Code

  • Click Create New Field to create new field.

  • Mention the required field name.

  • Select the type as Text.

  • Switch on mandatory if the field needs to be made as mandatory.

  • Mention the description as required.

  • Switch on Custom CSS if required.

  • Switch on Generate QR code to generate QR code.

  • Select the Width required.

  • Select the Height required.

  • Switch on Preview QR code in the form to get a preview of the QR code.

  • Switch on Mark as quiz field if you need to mark the field as quiz field.

  • Click on Insert field in Document icon to insert the particular field into the document.

  • Click Save to Save the field.

  • Click the Back to field list to go back.

How does it look in Form?

The output form looks like the following.

How does it appear in Generated Documents?

The generated output document looks like the following.