Generate QR Code

Add QR code in Fillable Document

Fillable document supports generation of QR codes for user entered values. You can configure any form fields as a QR (except Checkbox) and automatically insert it to your document/ PDF during document generation.

Steps to make field as a QR code

  • To make field as QR field just click on the any form field and open field configuration.

  • Next enable the QR code switch button.

  • Give width and height for the QR code (default 100X100)

  • Enable preview switch, if you want to preview the generated QR code while inserting the value into the field(inside a form).

  • Save the field configuration and open the web app.

1. Web app view

  • QR field will be display field rendered with selected type(text box, choice, drop down) and a preview icon.

  • Note : Preview icon will not appear "Preview QR Code in the form" is switch off.

  • You can fee the field with value and just hover mouse on top preview icon.

  • You can see the preview of your generated QR code.

2. QR code output