Add Multiple Document Templates

How to setup Multiple Document Template?

You can set up any number of documents templates to your Fillable Document setup. Let's understand the templates concept with a employee Job Offer Letter.

Use case:

Company XYZ needs to send the internship offer letter and the stipend offer letter to the newly hired employee.

Step 1: Prepare Document Template

  • Open a Google Document

  • Prepare document with content and dynamic fields(with ${} notation)

  • For our user case we will create two template documents as follow.

Internship Offer Letter Template

Stipend Offer Template

Internship Offer Letter
Stipend Offer Letter

Step 2. Open a Fillable Document on top of first document template

Step 3. Move to document templates section

Step 4. Add multiple document templates(optional)

  • Open the Document Templates section.

  • See your primary document template(cannot be deleted)

  • Click on add button to add more document templates

  • For our scenario we will add our second document template(i.e Stipend Offer Letter).

  • After adding the templates you can see all the dynamic fields from the selected templates in field list.

  • By default fields type will set to Text type you can change it to any field type.

Step 5. Open the Web Form to fill the live form

  • Click on the "Open Web Form" option.

  • You can see the multiple tabs on the top of your form

  • Click on the tab to navigate through the templates

Step 6. Fill the form

  • Start filling your form

  • When you fill the first template all common fields inside second template will be auto filled.

  • Fill all non-filled fields from the second template

Step 7. Generate the document

  • Two separate files will be created based as per the your templates settings

Step 8: Deliver the generated files