Security is an important concern in today's world. We at Jivrus Technologies take security as a serious business. Our products require permission for only what the product is intended to do. We make it explicit why the product requires those permissions and what the product does with it. All of our products go through security approval and strictly adheres to Privacy Policy.

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Fillable Document Permissions


Why Fillable Document for Sheets needs this?

Fillable Document and Fillable Document for Sheets requires the same set of permissions.

Fillable Document requires this permission to make Google Docs from Google Drive into live fillable form.

* Fillable Document only reads the selected File and creates/ updates as per configuration. It will not download or delete any file from Google Drive.

Fillable Document requires this permission to pickup and view Google docs.

Fillable Document requires this permission to save responses into Google Sheets.

* Fillable Document for Sheets only writes into the selected Google Sheet. It will not delete any of you sheet data.

Fillable Document requires this permission to authentic user and get the user plan and subscription details.

Fillable Document requires this permission to send generated docs/PDFs with templated message via email

Fillable Document requires this permission to run the application in background so that the form responses can be stored and documents be generated when someone submits response on published form.

Fillable Document requires this permission to bring HTML GUI on sidebar of your browser.

Why you can trust our products ?

More on Fillable Document Data Privacy

Account Information: Fillable Document collects user account information (Name, Photo , Email address, Plan etc) and usage metrics information.

Data Storage: Fillable Document stores all transactional data (form responses) inside user's Google drive. No one from Jivrus Technologies or outside can have access to transactional data it unless user explicitly share it or add as collaborator in Fillable Document.

Publish Document: If you are Publishing the document as online Form for end users, then your document will be shared publicly (view only access) to accept the inputs from end users. Also it will get shared with Fillable Document's service account when user publishes the document in Anonymous mode. Only owner and users to whom it is explicitly shared will have access to transactional data (form responses) in the destination spreadsheet.

HIPAA and BAA: Fillable Document complies with GSuite and Google Drive permission model for all transactional data (form responses). However, Jivrus Technologies do not sign BAA with individual users.

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