Generate Documents

Generate Documents

Generate from Form and Sidebar

  • This will open the document in Side Bar.

  • Fill in all the required fields.

  • Click Save to save the form.

  • Click Generate Document to generate the document.

Generate for form responses from published Form

Publishing as Form will share your document and configuration publicly.

  • Click on Publish form to publish the document.

  • Switch on Always ask Google login if required.

  • Switch on Store Form responses if required.

  • Switch on Generate Document if required.

  • Switch on Generate PDF if required.

  • Mention the required message to show on successful submission.

  • Mention the required From Name.

  • Mention the required To address.

  • Mention the required subject.

  • Compose the subject required.

  • Click on Send to send an email.

This will send a link to the users and on submission, it will generate the document.

Generated Folder view

  • Click on Menu>Destination.

  • The Document and PDF generated will be saved in Google Drive.

  • Click the folder icon to open the folder.

Doc and PDF view

  • The generated Document & PDF is shown below