Intelligent Mapping

Intelligent Mapping automatically identifies the type of field and assigns the field type to the corresponding field.

How Intelligent mapping works?

  • Select the icon that is highlighted.

  • Fillable Document will detect all the field types automatically.

  • Once this action is done it cannot be reverted back.

Before Intelligent Mapping

After Intelligent Mapping

How Intelligent Mapping works while inserting a new field?

  • Click the "+" icon and create a new field.

  • Mention the required field name.

  • Fillable Document will automatically identify the type of field and displays it in the type field with the help of intelligent mapping.

Keywords for Intelligent mapping

The following are some of the keywords for Intelligent mapping. Fillable Document will identify these keywords and automatically map the corresponding field type.

TEXT: Name, Class, City, Town, Village, Country, Street, Building, Email

NUMBER: Age, Number, No, Pincode, Phone number, Count, Total, Cost, Amount, Weight, Quantity, Rate, Code

PARAGRAPH: Description, Details, Paragraph, Address, Notes, Context, Phrases, Quotes

TIME: Time, Clock

DATE: Date, Dob, Year, Calendar, Birthday, Month, Day, DateTime

IMAGE: Image, Picture, Photo, Logo

SIGNATURE: Sign, Signature, Autograph, Signatory

LINK: Link, URL, Website, Domain, Web address, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Skype

File: File, Document, Attachment

CHOICE: Choice, Gender, Sex, Option

CHECKBOX: Checklist, Items, Checkbox

DROPDOWN: Category, List, Menu, Array, Dropdown