Insert Image Field

Image Field

Fillable document can insert Image Field so user can upload images on their document.

Users can upload images in two ways

  • Local Drive

  • Google Drive

How to add image field inside Fillable Document?

Let's have an example of invoice template document where we need to add company logo on it.

  • Open Google Document

  • Open Fillable Document from add-on menu

  • Click on Demo and choose Invoice Demo

  • After demo setup is completed click on explore.

  • Next add new image(logo) field inside document template with ${} sign and click on the refresh.

  • Click on the Image field from the Field List.

  • Setup the field type as Image and set up asset folder if not already set (images will be stored inside the Asset folder).

  • Save the field.

  • Open the web app and start filling the form.

  • Click on the image to upload the image to the document

  • You can upload images from Local Drive.

  • Click on the button and choose the image

  • Click on the Generate button the generate the document.

  • See the generated document file below.