Demo 6 - Status report

Office Employee Scenario :

  • A Office Employee wants to create Presentation on the current project status report.

  • The Employee needs to do presentation about the project status

  • He / She needs too do this until the project get complete

How to automate this process with Fillable Slide

Status report

Step 1: Prepare the Invoice Template

The business manager first prepares an invoice template in Google Document.

He can add dynamic fields in ${field} format

Step 2: Configure the Dynamic Fields

Open Fillable Slide on the prepared Google Slide Template

Dynamic fields found in the template will be automatically identified by Fillable Slide

By default, the field types are text.

Configure different types (number, date etc) and other configuration as required.

Step 3 : Fill the fields in web page

Fill the fields with company name,year,sales percentage etc..,

Step 4 : Save the Filled Slide

Step 5 : Click On Generate Document to generate the slides

He / She can see by opening the Generated Slides in slides/pdfs

Now the employee can present the status report in meeting

Hope you enjoyed the demo and now you can use it in practice in your education.