Frequently Asked Questions


What are the field types supported in the Form?

Refer to Standard Field Types and Rich Field Types supported by Fillable Document. Also, you can read Advanced Field Options for more configuration.

It is an awesome feature to display multi select (Choice) and check boxes inside the document. However it appears vertically. Can I arrange those horizontally?

Yes, you can stack the options in Choice or Checkboxes vertically or horizontally by selecting  orientation (row/ column)

I am using a date field in my document. In the generated document, I get the date as 2017-05-12T18:30:00.000Z. Is there a way to format it into 05-12-2017.

Yes. You can choose the timezone and format in which your date and time fields to be presented in the generated document. Please note that the timezone and format is only for how it is presented in the generated document. The form will show browser's default way of accepting HTML date and time.

How many dynamic/form fields are supported in a single Document (Form)?

There is no limit in the number of fields that you can have in a Google Document

Is there a way to show these checkboxes in the generated document?

You can configure checkboxes options to be displayed with tick marks. For example if you configure ✔ option 1,✔ option 2,✔ option 3, the document will have tick marks. You can use one of the following tick marks ✓  ✔  ☑  ✅  ✕  ✖  ✗  ✘ as appropriate for your document.

If I subscribe to your plan , Is my respondents can fill up the form even if they are not a subscriber?

Yes, You can Publish your form and share the published link to your end-users (form respondents). They can view the form, fill  and submit it without being a subscriber. 

Note: For published forms, the usage quota is get updated into the publisher's account, not the form respondents.

I want to change my email id, what to do? 

My org is migrating to a new domain, how to transfer my license and data?

1.License Transfer: You can write to support@jivrus.freshdesk.com to request an account transfer or you can cancel the old subscription and take a new subscription with a new email.

2.Data Transfer: The template file, destination spreadsheet, and other files are stored in the user's Google Drive with the [Template_Name]_Fillable Document folder. 


I am seeing "Cookies are not enabled in your browser. Please allow cookies and login again". How do I enable cookies?

It may be that your browser is blocking third party cookies. To sign in using your Google Account on a browser (like Chrome or Safari), you need to turn on cookies if you haven't already turned it on. Fillable Document requires Google Sign in if it is enforced in audience control and hence you need to enable cookies in your browser.

Follow the instructions to turn cookies on.

When I copy the document, the fields configured in add-on are getting reset to 'text' type. How do I copy/ clone the configurations from original document?

When you copy documents through Google Drive, the configuration with the original document does not get copied. However, the fields in the document will get listed as text type (default type). You will have to configure fields to different types if you need. However if you Embed Comprehensive Field inside your documents, copying document will retain the configuration.

A field in my document is not getting rendered correctly when I view the form. What could be the issue?

Check whether your field name contains special characters. Please avoid special characters in the field. Restrict the field size to a maximum of 60 letters. It is better to have letters within 20 characters. If the problem persists, try deleting the field from the document and insert through the add-on (using place icon). If you still face issues, please contact support with screenshots and console logs.

    Another Important Note

Please make sure that you do not have single quote (') in your field name as it could break Fillable Document.

For example, change the field name ${Employee's Name} as ${Employee Name}

When I try to open the "Web Form", I get the following screen. Clicking on "Review Permissions" circles back to same screen. What is happening here? (Opening "Inline Form" works fine though)

"Web Form" is a G Suite web application that requires user's permissions to run. The permissions are same as the add-on that has been accepted by user. So ideally, this screen should not appear at all.

But, if the user has logged into multiple Google accounts in the same browser Google's permission acceptance process may get into endless loop into the same screen. Fillable Document does not have any control over this authorisation flow presented from Google; this appears to be a flaw in the authorisation flow.

How to resolve "Review Permissions" loop?


If you still face issues, reach out to Jivrus Support with screenshots and details.


Why does Fillable Document add-on requires permission to send email as me?

This add-on sends the generated document as PDF to emails specified by the user. Also, this add-on allows users to send feedback which sends email to our support team. To implement these, add-on requires permission to send email as the user. You can refer Security to learn more about permissions and data policies.

How to do?

How to use PDF, docx or other formats in Fillable Document?

Fillable Document uses Google Doc as templates. So you need to convert your files into Google Document. Please refer Convert PDF and other formats to Fillable Document