Generate merged document from multiple records

What is Merged Documents ?

  • Merge document is a advanced feature of the fillable document.

  • Merged document will allow the user to collect and generate multiple documents for users records at ones.

  • Documents can be generated as Merged(Single) or Separate documents for each user record.

How to generate merged documents in fillable document?

To understand merged documents in better way let's have an example of "Invoice" where seller needs to create an invoice for all his customers.

Step 1 : Seller will create a template for " Invoice" like

Step 2: Open a template document as a web app (click Desktop Icon)

Step 3: Seller will fill all his customers data,bill information and click on save. (To store a data configure the spreadsheet inside add-on's settings tab here)

Step 4: Open and select the saved From Responses

      • Open the Form Responses(Left Side Menu)

      • Check the check boxes for which you need to generate the documents

      • You can select only 10 records at a shot.

Step 5: Click on Open Selected button to open the web form

Step 6: Generate multiple document

        • You can generate separate multiple documents or can merge it in one single document

        • To generate a single merged document switch on the merge document (Beside Generate Button) before generating documents.

        • When you switch on the Merge option, it will pop up the text field with default name for the Merged document. You can edit the text field to change the file name.

        • If you want to all document separately just go ahead without switch on the merge document (Beside Generate Button).

1. Merged ocument generation

2. Separate document generation