Convert PDF/Docx/Open odt files into Fillable Document

Convert PDF/Docx/Open odt into Fillable Document.

  • Upload/Drag your file into Google Drive.
  • Open uploaded file into google drive.
  • Click on Open With and select Google Docs
  • Adjust the Google Document as your requirements.
  • Prepare dynamic fields with a ${} notation
  • Go to add-ons(document top menu) section and Choose Fillable Document.
  • Click on Set Pp (see how to set up Fillable Document).
  • Click on the fields listed inside Fillable Document side bar.
  • Change the field types and click on Save.
  • Now click on Open Web Form option from GUI options to view the Live Fillable Form.
  • Click on Save to store your responses
  • Click on the Generate to generate the document.