Form Viewer

Form Viewer helps to open the generated form in different formats.

The different ways in which forms can be opened are

  • Web Form

  • Side bar

  • Published Form

Web Form

  • This will open the document as a live Web Form.

  • Click the Field Control icon to find the Field Name and the corresponding Field Values.

  • Click the menu icon to know about Account, Form Responses, Publish settings etc..

  • Click Save to save the form.

  • Click Generate Document to generate the document.

Side Bar

  • This will open the document in Side Bar.

  • This will display all the fields in side bar

  • Click Save to save the form.

  • Click Generate to generate the document.

Publish Form

Publish Form is feature where user can create fillable document and publish it to end users for submitting and generating documents.

Two modes of Publish Form

  1. Publish Form as a Logged In user (asks for google login before submitting form).

  2. Publish Form as a Anonymous User (logging in as a anonymous and submitting form).

Read more about Publish Form feature.