Form Viewer

Form Viewer helps to open the generated form in different formats.

The different ways in which forms can be opened are

  • Web Form

  • Side bar

  • Published Form

Web Form

  • This will open the document as a live Web Form.

  • Click the Field Control icon to find the Field Name and the corresponding Field Values.

  • Click on the Form Responses icon to view the submitted form responses.

  • Click on the publish settings icon to view all the available publish settings.

  • Click on the pricing icon to view Fillable Document pricing.

  • Click on the settings icon to view the settings.

  • Click Save to save the form.

  • Click Generate Document to generate the document.

Side Bar

  • This will open the document in the sidebar.

  • This will display all the fields in the sidebar

  • Click Save to save the form.

  • Click Generate to generate the document.

Publish Form

Publish Form is a feature where user can create fillable document and publish it to end users for submitting and generating documents.

Two modes of Publish Form

  1. Publish Form as a Logged In user (asks for google login before submitting form).

  2. Publish Form as a Anonymous User (logging in as a anonymous and submitting form).

Read more about Publish Form feature.


  • Once a form is submitted the responses will be saved automatically. Users can see the saved form responses by clicking on the see responses section.

  • Users can manage their Form Responses by opening or editing them, deleting them, cloning them, etc.