What's New

Ver 3.47.0 - 09 January - 2023 - Mapping field improvements FD for Form.

  • Users can now be mapping each template and form fields in a card.

  • when users have the same template field and form field, then those field values have automated mapped.

Ver 3.46.0 - 23 December - 2022 - Lookup field improvements and support for more dynamic notations.

  • Users can now provide a default value to the lookup field.

  • Users can now use the other notations {{ }} and << >> along with ${} to identify the dynamic field.

Ver 3.45.0 - 17 November - 2022 - Between validation for Text, Paragraph and Date, and Signature Type options.

  • Users can now add a between validations to text, paragraph and date type fields.

    • Text and paragraph validations will enable users to validate the no, of characters on the field.

    • Date Validation will enable users to pick the date from the configured range.

  • Users can now choose which type of signature they want to allow (text/ Image/ Signature pad drawing).

Ver 3.44.0 - 10 October - 2022 - Support for Google Forms as an add-on

  • Fillable Document is now available for Google Forms.

Ver 3.43.0 - 23 August - 2022 - Conditional Field support to Expressions and Control Audience on Form submissions

  • Users can now use the mathematical expressions in the conditional field type under the calculated result type.

  • Users can also control their audience by restricting the submissions in the published forms.

Ver 3.42.0 - 11 August - 2022 - Copy image from clipboard with Ctrl V on form

  • Users can now paste the clipboard images to the image field in fillable form through Ctrl + V macro

Ver 3.41.0 - 28 July - 2022 - Conditional field type Introduced

  • Users can now change the value of the field based on the value of other fields

Ver 3.40.0 - 13 July - 2022 - Pause, Cancel, and Auto Trigger of Document Generation

  • Users can now control the document generation flow from the user interface to start/pause/stop the Document Generation

  • Autorun feature enables the user to automatically generate new records in the sheet every hour

Ver 3.39.0 - 22 June- 2022 - Conditional selection of rows

  • Users can now generate the record based on the configured condition.

Ver 3.38.0 - 19 May- 2022 - Test generate feature on FD for Sheets

  • Users can now select a particular row and test the complete flow in the sheet

Ver 3.37.0 - 09 May- 2022 - Form view (numbering, slide theme), Field width and height improvements

  • Form Viewer improvements - now users can visualize the listing (one level of listing), and slide layout (Themes).

  • Introducing a slider to adjust the height and width of the field.

Ver 3.36.0 - 04 May- 2022 - Select Email to send on published form, Custom placeholder, and GUI improvements

  • Now Users can select the email template(s) that is to be sent on published form submissions

  • Providing custom placeholders for text, paragraph, autocomplete, and dropdown fields.

Ver 3.35.0 - 25 April- 2022 - User Experience Improvements

  • Enable Google login every time in the collaborator mode and using of underscore(s) _ in the field names.

Ver 3.34.0 - 18 April- 2022 - Form Responses and Navigation Improvements

  • Form response Manager will now have the ability to reorder and resize the column.

  • Navigation Improvements - improvements made in the navigation user interface (UI).

Ver 3.33.0 - 07 April- 2022 - Navigation Improvements, No Timeout in using Fillable Document in sidebar and collaborator mode ( Open Web Form)

  • The Collaborator mode and Sidebar will not be expiring anymore.

Ver 3.32.0 - 30 March- 2022 - GUI Improvements, Fillable Store merge, and Email Improvement

  • Now Template Gallery is merged with all Fillable Store templates.

  • Email templates now have Bcc, ReplyTo and inserting a table option in messages.

Ver 3.31.0 - 23 March- 2022 - GUI Theme improvements and fixes

  • Fillable Document Addon now comes with a new Theme.

Ver 3.30.0 - 22 March- 2022 - GUI Improvements for FD for Docs/Slides.

  • GUI Improvements Part - 1 for enhancing the User Experience.

Ver 3.29.0 - 08 March- 2022 - Business and Enterprise plans and UX improvement

  • Introduced new plans [ Business and Enterprise ] for more commercial use.

Ver 3.28.0 - 27 February - 2022 - Text Case, All Options in selection fields, and Field Picker.

  • Text Case - Text Case allows the user to configure the text and paragraph field with the provided options in the Fillable Document [ None, TitleCase, UpperCase, LowerCase] to transform the values.

  • All the options in the selection Field - Users can now use Show all options feature in the Fillable document to show all the options along with the selected options with '☑', '☐'.

  • Field Picker - Users can now choose the Form Fields and System Fields from the Field Picker.
    Form Fields - Fillable Fields, System Fields - { Form Author Email, Form Respondent Email, Form Respondent Firstname, Form Respondent Last Name }.

Ver 3.27.0 - 22 December- 2021 - Intelligent Mapping of Field Types.

  • Intelligent mapping of types - The Fillable Field types are mapped automatically by recognizing the
    intelligent keywords present in the name of a field.

Ver 3.26.0 - 08 December- 2021 - Fillable Store WebApp, Field Control improvements

  • Fillable Store: Fillable Store has a bunch of fillable templates that can be used as the user template to explore Fillable Document.

  • Field Control Improvements: Now users can search for fields in field control

Ver 3.25.0 - 29 November - 2021 - Save Draft Response, Progress bar, and Visualize Templates Part - 1.

  • Save Draft response - Now users can save the draft in a fillable document published form mode.

  • Progress Bar - The Progress bar shows the progress made in the form, which helps the user to not miss any of the fields in the form.

  • Visualize Templates Part 1 - Allows the user to open in full-screen mode, enables the user to zoom in and out to the form, and increase or decrease the width of the form in published mode

  • Reference - Fillable Document Draft, Progress Bar, Visualize Templates

Ver 3.24.0 - 11 November - 2021 - Field Control and quota exceeded improvements.

  • Field Control - Allows the user to navigate and edit the fields directly from the right-side navigation bar. This shows the fields that are fillable in the document.

  • Quota exceeded improvements - Now the user will get the link to avail free pro plan for 2 months by providing a comment in MarketPlace when their basic plan exceeds

Ver 3.23.0 - 13 October - 2021 - Auto Complete and Regex Validation.

  • Autocomplete - Autocomplete is similar to the dropdown selection field, user can type in to complete the word in options available for the search.

  • Regex Validation - Allows the user to validate the field's value with the provided regular expression

  • Reference - AutoComplete Field Type, Regex Validation

Ver 3.22.0 - 06 October - 2021 - Dynamic Options in the selection field type, Field Pattern/masking, and Quick Fields

  • Dynamic Options in the selection field type - Allows User to get the Options Dynamically from the spreadsheet.

  • Field Pattern - Now users can provide patterns to the text field and mask them on their needs. we provide Indian and USA phone masking by default and allow users to provide custom field masking

  • Make quick fields - Allows users to make dynamic Fields by just selecting/highlighting the text in the document, and add it to the fields list.

Ver 3.21.0 - 09 September - 2021 - Accept Payments on Form Submission - Stripe, and Field Validation

  • Accepts Payments - Now users can set up their Stripe account in Fillable Document and receive money to that account when respondents are submitting the form.

  • Field Validation - Now users can validate their Text and Number fields with the validation available in Fillable Document

  • Validation for Text Field - email, URL, minimum and maximum length, contains and does not contains.

  • Validation for Number Field - greater than, less than, greater than or equal to and less than or equal to, and not equal to Zero

Ver 3.20.0 - 27 August - 2021 - Multiple Answers Support and images link update.

  • Support Multiple Answers - as a part of quiz field improvements, now the user can mark multiple answers for a question.

Ver 3.19.0 - 19 August - 2021 - UX Improvements, Sheets Demo Templates, and Feedback Urls

  • As a part of User Experience, users can see their templates in the Fillable document folder itself

  • Introduced demo templates for sheets, now users can use sheets as Demo Template

  • Added feedback Urls for quiz documents - now the user can provide the links for correct and wrong answers, the respondents can see the links accordingly after submitting the quiz

Ver 3.18.0 - 17 August - 2021 - UX Improvements and Regular Expression matching for Quiz

  • As a part of User Experience added Home navigation to all the pages and making the document a quiz when a field is a quiz.

  • Now users can match the correct answer with the Regular Expression in the Quiz, which enables the user to score all the possible answers.

Ver 3.17.0 - 10 August - 2021 - UX improvement, other option in the checkbox, image in Sheet Template

  • Improved User Experience

  • Automatic Setup - Enables user to set up the initial form quickly without manually doing it

  • Add Sample content - Adding sample content when there are no fields in the field list

  • Prompt to insert a field into the document when there is a new field added to the field list

  • Added Other Option to the Checkbox - Users can now add the items manually when there is no preferred option present

  • Support images in Google Sheets - Now users can upload the image/signature from Google sheet template.

Ver 3.16.0 - 02 August - 2021 - Document Name Formatting

  • Supports document Name formatting ( Date, Time, Number )

  • Users can now Format the generated document name for date, time and, Number

Ver 3.15.0 - 19 July - 2021 - Support Google Sheets as Templates

  • Supports Google sheets as templates - now supported in docs, slides, and sheets

Ver 3.14.0 - 30 June - 2021 - Reordering Fields as per Templates

  • Supports reordering of fields as per templates - now supported in docs, slides, and sheets

Ver 3.13.0 - 14 June 2021 - File Attachment Field type and Download File features

  • Supports various type of files to upload and attach it to the email - now supported in docs, slides and sheets.

  • User can now download the generated Document after submitting the form.

Ver 3.12.0 - 19 May 2021 - Allow reordering of fields

  • Reordering of fields on Fillable Document - now supported in docs and slides

Ver 3.11.0 - 06 May 2021 - Default value support on fillable fields

  • The supported default value on fields types so that the field comes with the configured default value when web form and published form are loaded.

  • Improvements on signature fields with clear and auto close features on save.

Ver 3.10.0 - 28 April 2021 - Customized branding feature

  • Supported the customized toolbar option on published form with show and hide toolbar, customized logo, and form name options.

Ver 3.10.0 - 31 March 2021 - Support for Generating and Attaching the several formats

  • Support for generating the document with other formats like PDF, ODT, DOCX, etc

  • Support for generating the slide with other formats like PDF, PPTX, etc

  • Fix: Renaming the document template name to avoid the Untitled Document issue.

  • Ability to choose specific format to be attached in the Email Template

Ver 3.9.0 - 12 Feb 2021 - Readonly option and Checkbox output formats

  • Supported read-only options for the Fillable Form Fields

  • Supported bullet and number output formats for checkbox field

Ver 3.8.0 - 4 Feb 2021 - Lookup Field Type (Beta)

  • Introduced New Lookup beta version

  • Import values for the Fillable Fields from the configured Lookup spreadsheet

Ver 3.7.0 - Jan 28 2021 - Sidebar Enhancement (Beta)

  • Introduced New Sidebar beta version

  • Supported signature and image fields in the sidebar.

Ver 3.6.0 - Jan 18 2021 - Clone fillable field

  • Introduced the clone field feature so that users can easily clone the already configured fields.

  • Changed the look and feel of the fillable field list

Ver 3.5.0 - Jan 13 2021 - Other option and Publish/Unpublish feature enhancement

  • Enhanced the options adding GUI on Dropdown and Choice fields with "Other" field implementation.

  • Introduced the unpublish feature on the published forms

  • Introduced email sending option on the published forms

Ver 3.4.0 - 23 Dec 2020 - GUI changes on choice options fields

  • Enhanced the options adding GUI on Checkbox, Dropdown and Choice fields with edit and delete feature.

  • Supported search and column filter on the Form Responses table.

Ver 3.3.0 - 12 Nov 2020 - Clone Fillable Document

  • Updated Fillable Studio with the clone Fillable Document feature

  • Supported form level theming and save theming options

  • Fixed the date format storage issue in the spreadsheet

Ver 3.2.0 - 2 Nov 2020 - Fillable GA Launch

  • New Fillable Web Form and publish form is made generally available.

  • Updated Fillable Studio with the slide support and custom theming

  • Old Web and Publish form moved to legacy

Ver 3.1.0 - 3 Oct 2020 - Merging Google Slide

  • Merging the Fillable Slide with Fillable Document

  • Support slide as a fillable templates and generate slides/PDF

Ver 3.0.0 - 25 Aug 2020 - New Web App - Beta Launch

  • Beta launch of new web app

  • Enhanced Fillable Form Management and Published Form Management

Ver 2.11.0 - 17 July 2020 - New Publish Form(Alpha) with quiz support

  • Setup form as a Quiz and collect the responses.

  • View the Score Board after quiz completion.

  • Download the quiz certificate for the end user.

Ver 2.10.0 - 09 July 2020 - New Publish Form Alpha release

  • User-friendly Publish Form Workflow

  • Automatic immediate document generation and email delivery on form submission.

Ver 2.8.0 - 17 Apr 2020 - Support for Multiple Document Support

  • Multiple document support

  • User can set multiple documents templates and generate documents/deliver.

Ver 2.7.0 - Part 2 - 16 Mar 2020 - Enhancement of Signature(Beta) field

  • Added Signature pad where user can manually sign (draw their signature)

Ver 2.7.0 - 11 Feb 2020 - Support for Signature(Beta) field

  • Rich Field Type "Signature" is introduced

  • Users can affix signature from custom styled text or upload signature images (from Local or Google Drive).

  • On document generation, the chosen signature will be affixed inside generated documents.

Ver 2.6.0 - 28 Jan 2020 - Support for Image Upload field

  • Rich Field Type "Image" is introduced

  • Users can upload images (from Local or Google Drive) and generate documents with uploaded images.

Ver 2.5.0 - 10 Jan 2020 - Support for Link field

  • Rich Field Type "Link" is introduced

  • Users can insert a link field with a display name and URL inside the web from and generate clickable link on documents/PDF's.

Ver 2.4.0 - 12 Dec 2019 - Support for shared drive

  • Support for shared drive files to use Fillable Document.

Ver 2.3.0 - 26 Sep 2019 - Calculated Fields Enhancement with Pre-Defined fields feature

  • Calculated fields enhancement with Pre Defined Fields options.

  • Users can now make use of Unique Id field for system generated unique id.

  • Users can now make use of Current Date/Time Field for auto generated form submission date/time .

Ver 2.2.0 - 24 Sep 2019 - Calculated Fields feature

Ver 2.1.0 - 20 Sep 2019 - QR Code generation feature

  • Users can now generate QR code and insert to the generated document/ PDF.

Ver 2.0.0 - 16th Sep 2019 - Major Version Release

  • Full round of testing and new features and new releases.

  • Improved User friendliness and smooth usage.

  • Bug Fixes, Performance and Stability improvements.

Ver 1.25.0 - 19 Aug 2019 - Fillable Document improvement

  • GUI changes and Usability improvements

Ver 1.24.0 - 1 Aug 2019 - Fillable Document for Sheets - initial version launch

  • The initial version of Fillable Document for Sheets got introduced.

  • With a single license for Fillable Document you can use Fillable Document for Sheets also.

Ver 1.23.0 - 26 Jul 2019 - Fillable Sheet improvement

  • GUI changes and Usability improvements

Ver 1.22.0 - Jul 2019 - Taking Fillable Document to Sheets

  • Product Ideation, Conceptualisation and MVP for Fillable Document for Sheets.

Ver 1.21.0 - 4 Jul 2019 - Form Responses Management

  • Now the form response that is saved can be edited or cloned or deleted easily from the Web App GUI

Ver 1.20.0 - 28 Jun 2019 - Execute Background

  • Now Fillable Document can store form responses, generate document, PDF, send Email automatically when end user submits the form.

Ver 1.19.0 - 7 May 2019 - Publish Form to Anonymous users

  • Now users can Publish Form as a Anonymous User (end users can submit form anonymously without logging into Google).

  • The anonymous URL can be sent as email or embedded into websites.

Ver 1.18.0 - 2 Apr 2019 - Web App GUI revamp

  • In Web App Form, a Menu List have been created, it provides details about account, destination payment, form responses etc.,

Ver 1.17.0 - 1 Mar 2019 - Demo and Setup Wizard

  • We have added "Try Demo" and "Start setup" in Fillable Document.

  • With 'Try Demo' you can select the template that you need a demo and try it out.

  • With 'Start Setup' you can configure and try Fillable Document in setup wizard of guided steps

Ver 1.16.0 - 15 Feb 2019 - GUI Improvements

  • A Menu List (Side nav) has been introduced. It provides details about account, payment, usage etc.,

Ver 1.15.0 - 15 Feb 2019 - Quiz

  • Users can create a quiz template and publish it.

  • The fields are validated to specific scores and it can be evaluated and results will be generated.

Ver 1.14.0 - 9 Jan 2019 - Date and Time formats

  • Now you can setup date and time fields for your document with standard as well as custom date and time formats.

Ver 1.13.0 - 21 Dec 2018 - Publish/ Attach PDF

  • Now you can send the generated document as PDF to emails specified by the user.

Ver 1.12.0 - 3 Dec 2018 - Multiple Email Delivery

  • The multiple records that are created can be sent to different users from Web App Form and Inline Form

Ver 1.11.0 - 23 Nov 2018 - Multiple Records Generation

  • Now you can generate documents form multiple records during document generation in Web App Form and Inline Form

Ver 1.10.0 - 19 Oct 2018 - Number Formatting

  • Number Formatting is introduced so that users can limit data to particular decimals.

Ver 1.9.0 - 10 Sep 2018 - Date and Time Fields

  • Date and time fields got added.

Ver 1.8.0 - 23 Aug 2018 - Commercial Launch

Fillable Document is made commercial with several pricing plans.

Ver 1.7.0 - 9 Jul 2018 - Publish Form feature

  • Publish Form is a feature where user can create fillable document and publish it to end users .

Ver 1.6.0 - Jun 2018 - Sidebar Form and Comprehensive Fields

  • Simplified form submission and doc generation from sidebar itself

  • Comprehensive fields to retain full field configuration in the document itself, so that templates can be shared and reused.

Ver 1.5.0 - May 2018 - Unlimited number of fields supported

  • Users wanted really big documents with long list of fields (200+ at times) supported in Fillable Document - Implemented.

Ver 1.4.0 - Apr 2018 - Collaborator feature

  • Collaboration with co-authors made easy for Fillable Documents

Ver 1.3.0 - Mar 2018 - Advanced CSS Customisation

  • CSS based customisation was introduced to all type of fields

Ver 1.2.0 - Feb 2018 - New Field Types

  • Checkbox, Choice and Dropdown introduced

Ver 1.1.0 - Jan 2018 - New Field Types

  • Text, Paragraph, Number introduced

Ver 1.0.0 - Nov 2017 - Initial Version

  • The Initial version of Fillable Document was released.

Ver 0.1.0 to 0.9.0 - Jan 2017 - Nov 2017 - Product Ideation, Conceptualisation and MVP

All the hard stuff here.