Demo 5 - Case Study

Business Manager Scenario :

  • A business manager needs to create a presentation case study about various companies

  • By using this template he/she can easily prepare case studies quickly and repeatably

How to automate this process with Fillable Slide

This is how the case study template looks like

Case study

Step 1: Prepare the Case study Template

  • The Manager first prepares an Case study template in Google Slide.

  • He/She can add dynamic fields in ${field} format

Step 2: Configure the Dynamic Fields

  • Open Fillable Slide on the prepared Google Slide Template.

  • Dynamic fields found in the template will be automatically identified by Fillable Slide.

  • Click on 'Open web form'

Step 3: Configure Settings

Go to the settings tab and configure the destination folder and spreadsheet here

  • Setup Destination spreadsheet to store the form submissions.

  • Setup Destination folder to store the generated documents and PDFs.

  • Setup Email Template.

Step 4: Publish Document

  • The Manager will publish the template to his staff by clicking Publish Form.

  • If you don't want to keep track of user activity (like user email) switch on Always ask Google login before publishing in Publish settings.

  • The Manager will generate the invite link and for all invite staff by mail.

Step 5: Staff submitting data in the Form

  • The Manager can submit the form.

Step 6: Submit the form.

Case study

Step 7: Submitted Data stored in Google Sheet instantaneously.

Case study_config

To see the submitted records, the Manager needs to follow the steps below.

  1. Open the "Fillable Document" add-on from the Google Document.

  2. Click on "Open Form as Web App".

  3. Click on the "Form Responses" icon on the toolbar.

  4. Click on a record to select for generating the document.

5. Click on "Generate Document" to generate the merged document.

Below is a sample screenshot for email delivery.

Manager can generate multiple documents based on the records needed. (have a look)

The Manager can send generated document as Email by clicking on "Send as Email"

Hope you enjoyed the demo and now you can use it in practice in your business.