Features of Fillable Document

Build a Fillable Form

  • Build Your Form From your Google Document
  • Create, configure and place your fields in Google Document
  • With few clicks, make your Google Document as a Live Fillable Form

Collaborate with colleagues

  • Build your Google Document as a Fillable Form and collaborate with your colleagues.
  • Work as a team in authoring or revising the Fillable Form
  • Monitor and manage form responses

Store the form responses

  • Store form submission data into a Google Sheet.
  • Manage form responses - List, View, Edit, Clone, Delete
  • Generate Docs/ PDFs and deliver email for old responses

Generate the documents with filled responses

  • Merge your form data with your document template and generate Google Document & PDF
  • Select and generate multiple documents and PDF's .

Deliver the documents

  • Create custom email templates.
  • Attach generated files and PDFs.
  • Send your generated Google Document and PDF with template email message and data to anyone you want to send.

Publish Form for end users

  • Publish your form and let your audience fill your form.
  • Publish with two different ways
    1. Logged In mode(user login required)
    2. Anonymous mode(anyone can fill the form without login)
  • Get end user responses and generate documents out of it.

Generate Quiz Form

  • Make google document as a fillable quiz form
  • Assign points to the question
  • Generate score cards/ certificates
  • Fillable Studio is an web application that makes Google document a live fillable form.