Store Form Responses

Data Store

Configuring destination spreadsheet:

The generated form responses will be saved in Google Drive in a spreadsheet which is configured before.

  • Click on Menu > Storage.

  • Choose a spreadsheet to save the generated data (or)

  • Create a spreadsheet to save the generated data.

  • Mention the required sheet name.

The below image shows the data saved in a spreadsheet.

File Store

Destination Folder setup

Configure the destination folder to store the generated doc & PDF.

  • Click on "Add-ons" Menu > Storage

  • Click Choose to store the generated data in an existing folder.

  • Click Create to create a new folder and save data.

  • Mention the required name and click the "+" icon.

  • Click cancel to cancel the setup.

  • Select the required name format for the generated document

  • Click on Save to save the setup.

Asset Folder

This folder is created automatically by Fillable Document to store your external files like image, docs, etc.

Form Response Management

Form Response Management is a comprehensive response management tool that helps to manage your submitted form responses.

  • Users can send email, open, clone, delete the previously saved responses using Response Manager.

  • Read more documentation about Response Management.