Publish Form

What is Publish Form?

Publish Form is a feature where users can create a fillable document and publish it to end-users for submitting and generating documents.

Two modes of Publish Form

  1. Publish Form as a Logged In User (asks for google login before submitting a form).

  2. Publish Form as an Anonymous User (logging in as an anonymous and submitting form).

How do I publish fillable document?

  • Open Fillable Document add-on in your Google Document

  • Click on Publish Form button

  • After clicking the button you will be redirected to the Publish Setting page as below.

  • Authorise with Google Log In before you publish the Form.

  • After log in click on the "Publish Your Document" and get the published document link.

Advanced Publish Settings

Publish form settings are the actions that need to happen automatically when end-users submit the form.

  • To enable publish form settings click on Settings Tab

  • Users can set four different actions on the published form.

  1. Ask Log In: Publishes the form with the log-in mode by ticking the Always ask Login option.

Note: Don't tick this option if you want to publish the document anonymously.

  1. Store Form Responses(default): Saves the form responses into a specified destination spreadsheet.

  2. Generate Document: Generate document automatically once the form is submitted.

  3. Generate PDF: Generate PDF automatically once the form is submitted.

  4. Send Email(s): Send email(s) automatically once the form is submitted.

  • Select the heading for the successful form submission.

  • Mention the required message that needs to be shown when the form is submitted.

  • Switch on Allow end-users to download generated documents to allow end-users to download the files from published forms.

  • Select the required formats that need to be downloaded.

  1. Redirect to a website: Once the published form is submitted by an end-user, he/she can be redirected to a new website as per your requirement.

Redirect Configuration:

Redirect Automatically:

  • Select Redirect Automatically so that once the published form is submitted it will redirect automatically to the mentioned redirect URL.

  • The website URL can be dynamic also. Users can click the three dots and insert the required field that contains the URL.

  • Provide the redirect website URL.

  • Provide the redirect message required.

Show a Button with Caption:

  • Select Show a Button with Caption so that once the published form is submitted a button will be displayed. Clicking on the button will redirect you to the URL.

  • Provide the redirect website URL.

  • Mention the redirect button caption.


Branding is the process of representing your organization as a personality. Now users can add branding to your published form with all the required branding details.

  • Switch on the Show toolbar to show your branding details in toolbar.

  • Switch off if branding is not needed.

If branding is switched on

  • Mention the URL of the logo that needs to be displayed in the toolbar.

  • Mention the link URL for the logo.

  • Mention the title that needs to be displayed in the toolbar.

The published document will have the logo and its corresponding link in the toolbar.

With Branding

Without Branding