Visually Build Fillable Forms

Visually Building Form

The Concept of Doc Template

Fillable Document uses the Google Docs as template for building online Fillable Forms and hence users can visually prepare the form with any of their document as template

How to build the template

  • The first step is to create a template document.

  • Prepare a document with dynamic fields.

  • Dynamic fields will be indicated by ${field} format. For Example: ${Company}.

The form data that is entered in the corresponding dynamic fields will be stored into Google Sheets and merged (replaced) in the generated document/ PDF.

Form - Building Blocks

Sidebar Setup Wizard

Fillable Document provides sidebar to your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from which you can configure it.

When you open Fillable Document for the first time, Fillable Document provides step by step guided wizard to setup or to try Demo. Learn more on how to setup Fillable Document for the first time.

Sidebar Menu

Once setup is complete, Fillable Document takes you to Home page (initial screen). Sidebar has menu (top left corner) to perform various configuration.

  • Clicking the Home icon will lead to the initial screen.

  • The Account will show the details of your account: Plan, Validity and Usage details

  • Destination will help to configure the destination spreadsheet and destination folder to save the generated data & documents.

  • Automate is a master setup for running generate documents automatically in the background.

  • The Email Template helps to configure templates of email messages that are used while delivering generated documents.

  • The Collaborators helps users to share Fillable Document & configuration settings to others.

  • The Quiz will help users to set up Fillable Document as Quiz.

  • The Template Gallery contains sample templates with pre-defined configuration

  • The Payment leads to the payment screen where users can purchase subscriptions

  • About will provide information about Fillable Document and links to further learning

Template Gallery - Google and Fillable Document

  • You can use templates from Google Docs or Google Slides or Fillable Document

  • Templates are available from &

  • In Fillable Document you can find some of the pre configured Document templates in Template Gallery.

  • Click on Menu > Template Gallery, You can view some sample templates and try using it.

Automatic listing of Dynamic Fields

  • Once the templated document is created with dynamic fields with ${field} format, open the Fillable Document add-on from the document.

  • Fillable Document will automatically list all the dynamic fields from the document.

Field List - Create, Edit, Delete

Users can Create, Edit and Delete the fields whenever required.

  • Click on the search field to search the required field.

  • Click the plus icon to add new fields into the document.

  • Click the refresh icon to refresh the fields from the document.

  • Click the thrash icon to delete the fields.

  • Open the field to edit the field.

Field Types

Fillable Document supports rich set of field types.

Field Configuration

  • Click Create New Field to create new field.

  • Mention the required field name.

  • Select the required field type.

  • Choose a default value. This value will be displayed as the default field value.

  • Switch on mandatory if the field needs to be made as mandatory.

  • Mention the description as required.

  • Switch on Custom CSS if required.

  • Switch on Generate QR code to generate QR code.

  • Switch on Mark as quiz field to mark that particular field as quiz field.

  • Click on Pin icon to insert the particular field into the document.

  • Click Save to Save the field.

  • Click the Back to field list to go back.

Insert Field into Doc Template

Users can insert the required field into the document.

  • Click Pin icon to insert the field into the document.

Clone Fields

Clone service in Fillable Document makes an identical copy of the existing service. This comes very handy to users as they do not need to repeat configuration for multiple services.

  • Click the three dots near the service.

  • Select Clone. This will create the identical copy of the service.

  • Click on Delete to delete the service.

You can use all these tools to build the Document visually as a Form.