Fillable Studio Dashboard


Now manage all your google documents, Fillable Forms and Published forms with the Fillable Studio - Dashboard view.

Home Page:

  1. You can click on "Get started" to see all your Google Documents.


  • Load all your google documents from drive and open it from Fillable Studio.

  • Click on Edit to open the document.

  • Click on Clone to clone the document.

  • You can also filter the documents with the name using the search tool on the top.

Fillable Forms:

  • Loads all the fillable documents which you have configured earlier.

  • All your Fillable Forms will be displayed with the Fillable face

  • You can view your Fillable Form by clicking on the Open Form icon.

  • Open form will open the Live Fillable Form for that particular document.

Published Forms:

  • Loads all the fillable documents which are Published to fill by the end users.

  • All your Published Forms will be displayed with the Published tag on the top left corner.

  • You can view your Published Form by clicking on the desktop icon.


  • See the active user account details like Email, Plan, and Validity etc.


  • See all plans and pricing details


  • See more details about the product and Jivrus Technologies here

Create New Fillable Document

You can create a new Google Document by clicking "Create new doc" here in Fillable Studio.

  • Click on right bottom corner icon

  • Click on "create new doc"

  • On dialog box click "create now"