Fillable Studio Dashboard


Now manage all your google documents, Fillable Forms and Published forms with the Fillable Studio - Dashboard view.

Home Page:

  1. Go to Fillable-Studio Home then click on "Get started" to see all your Google Documents.


  • Sign in to your Google account & there you can find all your configured templates.

  • Click on Template Gallery to open the template gallery.

Template gallery is a place where you can find a lot of templates. Users can open it and use it as per their requirements.

  • Signing in will load all your google documents from the drive and open them from Fillable Studio.

  • Click on Edit to open the document.

  • Click on Clone to clone the document.

  • You can also filter the documents with the name using the search tool on the top.

Fillable Forms:

  • Loads all the fillable documents which you have configured earlier.

  • All your Fillable Forms will be displayed with the Fillable face

  • You can view your Fillable Form by clicking on the Open Form icon.

  • Open form will open the Live Fillable Form for that particular document.

Published Forms:

  • Loads all the fillable documents which are Published to fill by the end users.

  • All your Published Forms will be displayed with the Published tag on the top left corner.

  • You can view your Published Form by clicking on the desktop icon.


  • See the active user account details like Email, Plan, and Validity etc.


  • See all plans and pricing details


  • See more details about the product and Jivrus Technologies here

Create New Fillable Document

You can create a new Google Document by clicking "Create new doc" here in Fillable Studio.

  • Click on right bottom corner icon

  • Click on "create new doc"

  • On dialog box click "create now"

Template Gallery

Templates refer to the pre-developed files that can be directly used or customized according to anyone's requirement. In Fillable Document we have created several templates which can be used by users.

The current categories of templates that are in Fillable Document are

  1. Business

  2. Certificates

  3. Health Care

  4. Invoices

  5. Letters

  6. Posters

  7. Resumes

  8. Surveys

  • Users can search for their required templates and use it as per their required.

  • Select the required template.

  • Click on Use this Template to use the template.

  • Select the folder to save the template in Google Drive.

  • Click on View Demo to view the published form.

Once the template is saved in the Google Drive folder the following screen appears.

  • Click on View Form to view the saved form.

  • Click on Publish Form to publish the form.

  • Click on Edit template to edit the template.

  • Click on Open the folder in new tab to open the saved folder in a new tab.