Navigate Form Responses

Navigate form responses

Users can see previous entries stored in Google Sheets two ways.

  • By opening the Google Sheets

  • Navigating Form Responses from web app

Opening Destination Google Sheet

User can see the configured destination Google Sheet under "Settings" tab of Fillable Document

If the destination spreadsheet is configured, user can click on the "Open" button (highlighted) to view the Google Sheets

Choose the correct tab inside the Google Sheets to see the previous entries

Navigate Form Responses

  • Open Fillable Document Add-on

  • Click on Open Web Form button or Open in Sidebar button

User can view form responses using "Form Responses" tab on the Fillable Document web app - left navigation menu

When clicked, it will show the previous form responses as below

  • Edit the old responses and re-generate the documents

  • Delete the existing form response.

  • Clone a new form response.

  • Send emails for old responses.

User can choose one or more records to generate/ re-generate documents and deliver. Please check Generate merged document from multiple records for details

Note: If user has not configured destination spreadsheet, form responses are not stored and hence user will not be able to view previously submitted form responses.