What is Fillable Document?

Fillable Document” is an add-on application for Google G Suite that makes Google document a live fillable form magically.

Users can prepare a template document in G Suite - Google Docs with placeholders in ${field name} format and use "Fillable Document" add-on to fill fields values, store data in to spreadsheets, publish a merged document with email notifications.

It is product from Jivrus Technologies

"Fillable Document, the easy way to visually integrate template and data in Google Document"

Who needs Fillable Document?

  • Actually everyone :-)
  • Yes, Fillable Document is created for making things easier for everyone without any coding to make any document as fillable form.
  • Anybody who wants to design their forms in Google document can use Fillable Document
  • Typical use cases are
    • Generate custom proposals and reports
    • Generate letters and envelopes
    • Prepare contracts and agreements say in real estate domain

Why Fillable Document Stands above?

  • Fill the document as online Form right from Google document itself
  • Users can visually present the document as fillable form and fill the form with data. This connects the user directly as they fully see what is happening when they publish the document. Yes, Fillable Document is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Generate the merged document as Google document and PDF. Interestingly, open the generated file right there.
  • Deliver the generated document/ PDF through email using custom email templates.
  • Publish form to your users and collect data.

"I would recommend for most people needing a simple fill-in-the-blank add-on. The add-on works quite well, although some room for improvement. However, the devs are working hard to keep improvements coming, so there's a lot of promise to be seen here."

Keith Carson | Computer Systems Specialist

"Love the look of your product! The interface looks great. I wanted an easy way to fill out fields to enable me to quickly re-use proposal templates in Google Docs."

A business owner from Australia

who uses "Fillable Document" to generate proposals