Introduction About Fillable Document

Fillable document is a Google Workspace add-on that opens the google document as a "LIVE Fillable Form" and share it to the multiple users as a  Web From with a ability to stores the users data into spreadsheet.   

Simple Steps to Create Live Form and Generate Document from it

1. Open the Google Document and "Fillable Document" addon.

2. Configure the document fields with form fields.

3. Configure the spreadsheet and output folder.

4. View document as a "LIVE Fillable Form" and generate documents.

5. Fillable Document makes template processing easy with Google document. It comes very hand when you want to generate proposal, contracts, agreements, certificates… anything that you have a template.

6. The fields are marked with ${field name} style in document or can be created in the sidebar and inserted into the document.

7. This “Fillable Document” add-on opens Google document as live fillable form with the ability to store data into  Google spreadsheet, publish merged document as Google document & PDFs along with templates notifications.