Make Google Docs, Slides & Sheets into live Fillable Forms

Present your Google Docs, Slides, Sheets as web form to collect data, store responses into Google Sheets, generate merged docs & PDFs, deliver docs with templated email, publish form and more

What is Fillable Document?

Fillable Document” is an add-on application for Google Workspace that makes Google docs, slides, and sheets as live fillable forms on the web.

Users can prepare a template document in Google Workspace - Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets with placeholders in ${field name} format and use the "Fillable Document" add-on to configure it as a live fillable form with a rich set of field types (text, checkbox, choice, etc)

Then users can use the form

  • to fill fields values,

  • store data into spreadsheets,

  • generate merged documents/ PDFs,

  • deliver with template email notifications,

  • publish forms to end-users and more...

Overall, it is a creative document management application that is very useful for business and education for individuals and teams.

It is a product from Jivrus Technologies

"Fillable Document, the easy way to visually integrate template and data in Google Document"

Look what our customer says

"This application has provided students involved with distance learning a way to do their classwork without having to resort to extraordinary means to get it submitted to me. By that I mean they can simply type in their answers directly on the worksheet I send them. They do not have to photograph their answers or worry about being able to scan them into the computer."

~ Steven Harshfield

"Fillable Document reduced my workload and time by automatically generating documents and deliver them to my clients on single form submission. Initially had some problem in setting up the document, but talking to the support team really helped me to make it work. A really happy customer."

~ Megh W

"We use this for SO MANY things at our school and teachers have commented how easy it is to access and use. On the "receiver" end, accessing information is simple and the documents (google docs, pdfs, etc) generated make that part of my job as an Asst. Principal easier! "

~ Christa Bolen

"I have been trying every fillable pdf app out there, spent days and days tweaking, trying, printing, and finally found a simple solution in Fillable Document. I needed to fill in blanks on a pre-printed form and even subscribed to Adobe Pro DC, but couldn't get it done on a Chrome OS machine. Fillable gave me the help I needed to set up my document, answered my questions quickly and helpfully. I'm a fan! It's not perfect, but they are responsive so I'm hooked."

~ Allan Smith

"This add on is just want I have been looking for! It does exactly what I've been needing. By making it possible for me to use my Google Doc templates more effectively, cutting down the time I spent filling in data by more than half and limiting errors "

~ Janine Sarna-Jones

"I love using this extension. I get a lot of new hires, so creating a template for new hire info saves me a lot of time. You create easy to use variable and just enter the info you need and export the file. "

~ Sammy Wong

Who needs Fillable Document?

  • Actually everyone :-)

  • Yes, Fillable Document is created for making things easier for everyone without any coding to make any document a fillable form.

  • Anybody who wants to design their forms in Google docs and slides can use Fillable Document

  • Typical use cases are

    • Generate custom proposals and reports

    • Generate letters and envelopes

    • Prepare contracts and agreements say in the real estate domain

    • Generate student assessments/ certificate

Why Fillable Document Stands above?

  • Fill the document as an online Form right from Google doc or slide itself

  • Users can visually present the document as a fillable form and fill the form with data. This connects the user directly as they fully see what is happening when they publish the document. Yes, Fillable Document is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

  • Generate the merged document as Google document and PDF. Interestingly, open the generated file right there.

  • Deliver the generated document/ PDF through email using custom email templates.

  • Publish the form to your users and collect data.

You are in good company

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