Make Google Docs, Slides & Sheets into live Fillable Forms

Present your Google Docs, Slides, Sheets as web form to collect data, store responses into Google Sheets, generate merged docs & PDFs, deliver docs with templated email, publish form and more

"Fillable Document, the easy way to visually integrate template and data in Google Document"

What is Fillable Document?

Fillable Document” is an add-on application for Google Workspace that makes Google docs, slides, and sheets as live fillable forms on the web. 

Users can prepare a template document in Google Workspace - Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets with placeholders in ${field name} format and use the "Fillable Document" add-on to configure it as a live fillable form with a rich set of field types (text, checkbox, choice, etc)

Fillable Document is a creative document management application that is very useful for business and education for individuals and teams.

It is a product from Jivrus Technologies

Fillable Document Variants

Major highlights of Fillable Document

Supports all types of Fields

Text, Number, Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Lookup, Signature, QR code, and several more field types.

Save your time in creating new document templates

50+ well structured templates in various categories like Business, Certificates, Education, Health Care & much more

Customized Email Messages

Categorize your audience and send customized emails to them according to their category. 

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Who needs Fillable Document?

Fillable Document is mainly used by Business Owners, Educators, sales People, Students, Marketers, etc.

Why Fillable Document Stands above?

You are in good company

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fillable Document work with the Gmail account?

Yes, Fillable Document works with both consumer (Gmail) and Google workspace accounts.

How do I buy a license?

You can buy a license at pricing page through PayPal or Stripe.

Do you provide support?

Yes, we are a keen listener to support for any issues or new features. Reach our Support here

What are the field types supported in the Form?

Refer to Standard Field Types and Rich Field Types supported by Fillable Document. Also, you can read Advanced Field Options for more configuration. 

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